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If You Have Any Questions Regarding Our Services Please Check Out The Below And Our Blog. If Your Question Isnt Below Please Dont Hesitate To Contact Us.

We Ensure The Gamevan Is Safe For Everyone & That Everyone Is Comfortable from Start To Finish With Our Services

Fully compliant with HSE and Government Guidelines to re-open form the 29th June (with range of restrictions)


What Covid-19 Precautions Have You Put In Place?

Our customer’s health and wellbeing are the most important aspect of our business. We ensure you that all our vans are thoroughly cleaned before and after every party (incl at the break). We supply a range of disinfectants such as hand sanitizers, face shields, signage, temperature scanner, and more.

We have liaised with all governing and health officials to ensure that we bring the safest experience to our customers. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us

Whats the age restrictions on the Van?

There is no maximum age although the minimum age is 5 years old

Playstation VR

NLG is all about having the best fun possible but at the same time we have to ensure all our guests are kept safe. We are the only Gaming Van in Ireland that offer Playstation VR as a FREE add-on. We have 1 headset that we allow 10 minute intervals to party members. As PSVR is stated as the recommended age being 12, we must insist on a disclaimer being signed by the lead parent of the party to allow the guests to use PSVR and must at all times let the team know if anybody at the party could potentially be injured or made sick from Virtual Reality.

What Counties To You Cover?


Can you access the web and/or play with people online?

For the safety of all our guests, you cannot access online features except when playing in LAN matches (Private group games in the van)

Is it safe from online harassment for my child?

Absolutely, we monitor and supervise the whole time and ensure that there is no connection to online play

What events do you cater for?
What Part Does CeX Play With NLG?

CeX (One of the leading video game and electronic retailers in Ireland & the UK) have amazingly supported the Gamevan by supplying the consoles, controllers and goodie bags for all our cutomers

What systems do you have?

Playstation 4’s, Xbox1’s, Nintendo Switches, Retrogaming (on request)

How far in advance do you have to book?

This really depends on how busy we are but we do get bookings up to 1 year in advance

How do you book?

Through Facebook Services, Online or direct on email at info@nextlevelgaming.ie

Games Preferred/Allowed or Not Allowed

Upon booking with us, we will ask you what games you would prefer and what games aren’t allowed. Please note that we will try our best to facilitate all your requirements however there may be a game or two that just isn’t available in the time frame. This is also the case for Over 18’s which are strictly not allowed for Kids parties and 16 and overs must be requested by the lead booking. We have over 500 games across 13 systems and this is rarely the case that something like this may come up. The NLG staff member on duty has the right to refuse any game regardless of age rating and content.

Facepainting & Balloon Making

Our professional Facepainters & Balloon Makers are now available for any event. Across the whole of the gaming spectrum are advanced services will turn any Birthday into a event that will never be forgotten. Perfect for any age

Do You Have Merchandise For Sale?

We do indeed which is ready to buy directly on our Merchandise page here!

When Do NLG Vouchers Expire?

Currently 31st December 2020

Can you cater to people with special needs?

The team have over 4 years experience with working with people with special needs around the video games space and are dedicated to making the Gaming Van experience accessible to all. Please note though even though the staff are experienced, they are in no way qualified professionals and can not take on any responsibility or care of individual children 

Anti-Social Behaviour

The team at NLG are dedicated to bring the best experiences available to our customers but with that said, we cannot abide by any anti-social behaviour and if any such activity is seen, the team are in there right to remove a person involved or finish the party entirely (This is of course a last resort). This is protect our staff, our equipment and the foundation for what NLG stands for – ‘Safe Gaming For Everyone’. Please note that no refund will be given if any anti-social behaviour is witnessed and continued after subesquent warnings. (Please note if this is the case, the parents or event hosts will be made aware before any final decision is made)

Health Break

NLG is bound by health and safety rules to include a 10 minute break (2 Hours) and a 5 Minute Break (90 Minutes) at every event. This gives everyone a break away from gaming and the screens. If a member of your party suffers from epilepsy or is prone to epileptic fits it is the responsibility of the lead organiser to make the staff on the day aware so they can ensure to take precautionary measures. 

Do We Ask For A Deposit?

We ask for a €50 deposit to secure the booking which can be paid at the time of booking on the booking form or can contact us directly if a few days is needed etc (You can only provisionally hold a time and date by returning the booking form). The deposit is non-refundable.

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