Kid’s Competition




With the huge popularity of our new ‘Mystery Gaming Boxes’, we have the pleasure of announcing our Nationwide ‘Design-Our Box’ competition for kids aged between 5 & 12. The winner will get their design on all our Mystery boxes for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months. Loads of other prizes are also available to win.


Lockdown has been tough on everyone the past year and our customers are the world to us. We’re always looking at ways to give back and get people involved and give them something to look forward to. Design-Our-Box does exactly that.


To apply please fill in the below, read our terms and conditions and if you need a sample template of the box, you can download one below. Best of luck and let’s get creative

Competition FAQ

  • How Do The Age Categories Work?

    We assign 100 points to each submission. Ages 5-7 will start on 40 points, Ages 8-10 will start on 20 and ages 11-12 will start on 0 points. This gives the younger kids an equal chance.

  • Can Parents Get Involved?

    Yes but 80% of the design MUST be completed by the child

  • What Material Can You Use?

    80% of the design must be completed using pens, pencils, colouring pencils, etc. 20% can be used online by adding stickers, online designs, etc.

  • Can You Be Disqualified?

    Yes, if we feel you have not followed the rules, we do hold the right to disqualify your submission

  • When Is The Final Submission Date?

    Final Submissions is midnight on the 30th April

  • Can You Use Design Programs Such as Photoshop?

    No, you cannot use these programs, creativity is key and we feel these programs are too easily abused

  • How Will The Winner Be Chosen?

    We will select a minimum of the top 8 submissions (depending on the number of submissions) and then submit them to our Facebook Page for our followers to vote on. Each vote will last 24-48 hours and the winner will go through on most votes.

  • What Are The Prizes?

    1st Place will have their design on our ‘Mystery Boxes’ for a minimum of 3 months and a max of 6 months.
    2nd Place will have a free 90 Minute Gaming Van Experience
    3rd Place will get a free Mystery Box

  • Can You Opt For A Different Placed Prize?

    Yes, once another place is willing to swap with you

  • Do You Have Final Say On The Design Before Its Complete?

    We will work with you before we release any imagery

  • Can We Pull The Design For Any Reason During The Release?

    Yes, you can pull your imagery for any reason (All ready-made and shipped boxes will continue though).

  • Does My Kids Name Have To Be On The Box?

    No, but if you wish too of any form, that is okay too