National Entertianment Company Of The Year 2022

‘We have worked hard over the past few years’

On 15th October 2022, the Micro Business Awards were held at the Osprey Hotel in Naas, Co. Kildare. The MBA’s we’re set up to celebrate and hopefully shine much-needed attention on small businesses in Ireland. We were absolutely honoured to be shortlisted among 1800 submissions across all 13 categories. We have worked hard over the past few years and this was just an incredible feeling that someone out there could see all the hard work we were putting in. The awards themselves have been running for the past 6 years with immense work going into it by their team. It’s now recognised across Ireland as the premium awards night for micro businesses in Ireland and by the sheer number of submissions, this year showed just that.


Next Level Gaming Winning Award

‘What made the MBA’s stand out’

On 20th June, we were shortlisted for the ‘That’s Entertainment’ Award along with 3 others, we were also up for the Peoples Choice Award. This award was among all the shortlisted companies up for an award and was done by a public vote. What made the MBA’s stand out to us, was the fact it’s a non-profit designed specifically to celebrate small businesses. Coming from an event background, we were well aware of the several types of awards nights out there, that was for profit. These types of awards are well known for not truly celebrating small businesses as it’s more about making a profit than anything else. Also by just submitting an application, you are nearly automatically shortlisted. This in our eyes didn’t truly reflect the type of award we would like to win.


‘We truly believe this made MBA stand out

among any other awards organisation.’

On the other hand, the MBA’s has an in-depth and substantial submission system and judging panel. To get shortlisted, your initial application goes to 15 independent judges in the business world who then critique every aspect of your business, from the social presence, to ease of booking, customer service, and so forth. They then score your application separately and privately and the top 4 in each category are then shortlisted. Once you are shortlisted, you have to submit a detailed presentation and why you should win that award. We submitted a detailed 19-page presentation outlining all aspects of business along with a marketing video created specifically for this award. We always do everything in-house and it may have taken several weeks to complete but we didn’t leave anything on the table and we’re quite proud of what we submitted, whether we won or lost. That presentation was then sent to 5 new judges who also scored separately and then submitted their findings and the winner was then decided by adding the scores together. We truly believe this made MBA stand out among any other awards organisation.


‘worthy winners in the end’.

The Peoples Choice Award was something different, it didn’t rely on judges or submissions from the company but instead from a voting system. They used an online form on their website that you could send to friends, family, customers, etc to vote for you. We really wanted to win this one and we put a lot (a lot) of hours into contacting all our customers from the past 2 years personally to vote as well as the usual social asks etc. We thought we were in with a good shot but in retrospect being such a new company, it was always going to be a tough ask. We definitely gave them a race but the winner Phytaphix who supply innovative nutrition products we’re the worthy winners in the end.


Next Level Gaming Award Winners

‘Every part of Irish small businesses we’re there and it was a

testament to the ingenuity and creativity of Irish Entrepreneurs’

At the event itself, there were 15 total awards including awards such as Planet Champion, Food & Drink Heroes, Young Entrepreneur, Start-Up Star & many more. The companies in attendance really showed a diversity, that I hadn’t seen before. Every part of Irish small businesses we’re there and it was a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of Irish Entrepreneurs. As all entrepreneurs will tell you, it’s a tough, tough road. You sacrifice so so much from family time to friend night outs to sleep and much much more. But without sounding critical of our profession, there is much much more to gain and learn. You have to teach yourself so many skills and be able to implement them with a moment’s notice and sometimes all at once, you become proud of what you’ve achieved. Many have different goals when it comes to setting up their own company but many would say the key goal, is financial stability. Yes, this is attainable but not everyone does. Unfortunately, the Irish government is a key contributor to this fact. As I write this, there are only a handful of opportunities, grants & supports afforded to micro & small businesses whereas for medium to large businesses there is plentiful. The country we love so much is made up of small & micro businesses and unfortunately are always the ones that are always overlooked. Until this is changed, there will continue to be stagnant growth in Irish-made and owned opportunities.

Next Level Gaming Thats Entertainment Award

‘From all of us here at Next Level Gaming, thank you’

This is why the MBA’s not only mean so much to us but to everyone we talked to at the event and everyone we have post-event as well. A lot of micro-businesses have gotten in touch with us to find out more about how the event is run, who runs it, and whether is it worth it and we keep giving a resounding yes. We are so proud and honoured to have won our first major award and it has only motivated us further to continue to innovate and create the best entertainment business in Ireland.

From all of us here at Next Level Gaming, thank you to Ruari & his team and to all our fellow micro businesses at the awards and across the country. Continue to do what you do and if you ever need a guiding hand or think you could help us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. To find out more about what we do please visit us at Web, Facebook, or Instagram

Winners from the MBA 2022 are:

Reinvention with Attitude
Making Business Better Star
Tara Prendergast-Biscuit
Planet Champion/Green Champion
Artists, Artisans & Makers
Food & Drink Heroes
Young Entrepreneur
Event Expert
Online Trader
Start-Up Star
Giving back – Business With Purpose
Jackie Fox/Cocos law
Digital Genius
Website Innovator
That’s Entertainment
People’s Choice
Micro Business of the year
Michael Onalami Flavour Safari /Jungle Foodz


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