What video games do our kids play the most?

What Video Game Do Your Kids Play? It’s a question that we have to ask ourselves all the time. Running a video game event business specifically designed for 6-12-year-olds, we have to ensure we are always looking out for what games are the most popular between kids and their friends.
Over the course of a 3 month period, we asked over 4000 kids aged between 6 & 12, what video games they have been playing continuously, what new games they have been playing and what new games they would like to play in the future.
This week we break out what games they play the most

Who are we?

We run a gaming van event business that caters to over 150 parties a month. Each party hosts on average 12 kids. We have a unique perspective on what’s hot, what to look out for, and what games are long lasters. We have taken this perspective and over the course of the next few months will be looking at each question and giving a small breakout of each result.
We have broken out, ‘what kids play the most’ below, along with some of their comments, and ask a few questions of our own!
Top Games Among Kids
This probably won’t surprise you, but Fortnite still remains to be the most popular video game played in this age group. Taking a huge 75% of the vote, Fortnite remains to be the biggest game played. This jumps even higher when you look at the 9-12-year-olds and increases its overall popularity to 87%. We asked the kids the following questions:
What makes Fortnite so special for you?
‘I can always play it with my friends and it’s always adding more stuff. When a new update comes, all my friends get together and play that day. It’s so much fun. Josh Aged 10
‘I stopped playing it before lockdown but when lockdown happened, I started to play again as all my friends were still playing’ Ben Aged 11
‘I love the skins, all my friends play. Aaron Aged 7
Fortnite continues to innovate with new partnerships to keep what may be called a continuous rehash of its main platform. Although with the recent ‘No Building’ added to the game and set to be a mainstay along with an amazing reception. Will Fortnite ever be outdone in this age group?
Top Games Among Kids
Minecraft has been as popular as ever for the 6-8 aged demographic and taking up a huge percentage comparably to the other titles on this list at 41% and 13% overall.
What makes Minecraft so special for you?
‘I love building with my friends. Tracey Aged 7
‘I don’t know, I just love it. Casey Aged 6
‘I can play with my friend’. Jacob Aged 7
Top Games Among Kids
Although Fifa is not as popular among the younger section of our demographic. It remains a high spot on kids aged 11 & 12 at 23% but drops overall to 8% when taking in the full demographic.
What makes Fifa so special for you?
‘Beating my friends with Man United’ Gary Aged 11
‘Creating the best ultimate team’. Graham Aged 12
‘Beating my brother and dad’. Brian Aged 11
Top Games Among Kids
Roblox is another mainstay among the younger demographic (Aged 6-8). Taking in 17% of votes in that bracket and 3% overall.
What makes Roblox so special for you?
‘All the games, I like them all. Harry Aged 6
‘Piggy games’ Laura Aged 6
‘It’s the only game I can play’ Gary Aged 6

Some honorable mentions

As you can see from the above, 4 games take a huge 99% of games requested and played by this demographic. With these games being around for such a long time, we can’t see any of them changing drastically in their positions.
What reasons do you think these are continuously being the most popular games around?
Are there any games you can see coming out over the next 12 months that might knock any of these off their thrones?
Next week: What games kids are looking forward to?
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