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The Playstation 5 reveal was held on the 11th of July and people around the world eagerly awaited their first glimpse at what the console would look like, the price, and the games. It was a rollercoaster of an hour as many we’re left waiting till the end for some signs of positivity. Chat rooms around the internet we’re blowing up with frustration, panic, a bit of fun, and of course some stupidity thrown in. Was this the reason that most channels viewing numbers hosting the reveal had dropped by 23% after the first 30 mins only to be revived in the last 10 minutes? This leads to a more philosophical debate around conformity online but we’re definitely not going there (well in this blog anyway).

We wanted to do something a little bit different than an overview of the whole reveal and instead create a list of our favourite 6 moments and our least favourite 3 moments. So here we go (please note this is all subjective):

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Least Favourite Moments:
3) GTA 5 coming to PS5 – Now we’re massive fans of the GTA series especially GTA 5 but starting a reveal with a game that is nearly 10 years old didn’t give us the ‘WHOA’ we were looking for. In fact, it had the opposite reaction. It made us think, ‘wait is this a tease that they’ll close the show with a GTA 6 announcement’, but alas no GTA 6

2) Indie Showcase – There’s a lot to say about the indie scene and as big retro fans, indie games have a place close to our hearts but as the reveal was plagued with about 30-35 minutes of Indie Games, we were once again left waiting. There were a few golden moments but we’re not fans of ‘Journey Type’ games or a game we think is about a cat and whatnot. Maybe if they had let us know before the Indie showcase that it was in fact an Indie showcase, it would have come out a bit better.

1) Comments Section – Now we know this isn’t exactly to do with the actual console itself but we had to put it in. The reveal gave games for all demographics from young kids to seasoned adults and everything in between. A lot about gaming is subjective to the player itself and someone might like one game and hate another while another person is the exact opposite. We found ourselves liking a few unique announced titles and you can’t help but go and see what everyone else’s thoughts might be only to be overshadowed by ‘haters’ and ‘comment spams’, not allowing people who genuinely might like something to be able to have to limelight for once.

Favourite Moments
6) Console Reveal – We know there is a lot of mixed feelings around the visual appeal of the console and we would have to lie on the ‘gorgeous’ side of the conversation. Yes, it does look a little like a router lol but the sleek, semi-futuristic design is a standout in today’s boxed style consoles. It reminds us of when cars in the 60’s we’re all about there design and how beautiful they were, whereas now, everything is fairly bland and there’s no uniqueness to your regular car. We like uniqueness and are all for the new design

5) Project Athia – There is very little known about this game however as huge Square Enix fans we have known that there was a new AAA game in development. It looks beautiful, the world looks vast and if it has any aspects of there previous storytelling abilities, we are automatically sold

4) Kena – Bridge Of Spirits – This game looks gorgeous, straight out of a Pixar film. You control a young girl as she fights back evil with the help of some fuzzy friends. The gameplay looks amazing and if they can wield a story to fit the graphics, this might be a surprise hit for the Next-Gen

3) Spider-Man: Miles Morales – What can we say about Spiderman that hasn’t already been said? A favorite for this generation for many, when the world was screaming out for a ‘Good’ superhero game, they got more than they expected. Spiderman’s mechanics in gameplay and storytelling are exquisite. There’s nothing like swinging and flying throughout New York. The next installment which also looks incredible brings in Miles Morales as he takes over from Peter Parker. With the PS5 boasting the fastest gameplay and no load screens, Spider-man: Miles Morales seems like its once again found the perfect home in the PS5.

2) Horizon – Forbidden West – It took a while but we finally got there at the end of the reveal. What a trailer this was, you could here the overlayed voice as you scan through this wonderful world, knowing in the back of your mind, you’ve heard it before. Alas, you finally get the shot and realize its Aloy. We were huge fans of the original game and still play it to this day. The uniqueness of the world engine, the battle system, the creatures, the storytelling, it had it all. The next installment looks incredible, the large robot mammoth – wow. It takes place in a huge and dangerous wilderness to the far west and once again you are in control of Aloy but this time your in search of a cure for a pestilence that is ravaging the planet. We can’t wait for this!

1) Village: Resident Evil – One of our top 3 game franchises of all time so it had to sneak to number 1 on our list. We have played every game to ever come out about Resident Evil and although some were hit and miss for the most part its an incredibly enjoyable experience. 3 years ago, Capcom dared to go in a new direction with Resident Evil after its controversial Resident Evil 5 & 6. It went first person and was isolated a lot into one particular area and this worried a lot of people in the gaming world but they were wrong, ‘dead’ wrong. Resi 7 gave players a whole new gameplay experience while keeping to its horror routes. Touted as one the best games on the current console generation, Resi 7 was a (biased) masterpiece. Village is a direct sequel to Resi 7 and looks just, if not more terrifying.


Thank you as always, let us know in the comments below what your favourite and least favourite moments were

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