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Face-Painting, Balloon Makers And More, Oh My!!

Next Level Gaming Continues To Add Top Level Services

The goal of Next Level Gaming Van is to provide the very top level of services to its customers. Services that our customers can love and enjoy and make their day that extra little special. We did a survey of what our customers might like and found that a resounding amount wanted something that not only married well with our Gaming service but that the younger generation would love. We took our time and did our research and found that Face-Painting and Balloon Making (Gaming Style) would be the best addition to the Gaming Van.

Our Face-Painting & Balloon Makers have over 10 years experience doing events, parties and more. They also have great experience doing a number of gaming events such as 8-Bit Conference. We cant say how happy we are, that we can bring this experience to our customers :).


Our Face-Painting & Balloon Making Services

We find that Next Level Gaming Van’s age demographic is approximately 6-12. What we find is that this age group regularly has up to 20 friends and/or younger brothers & sisters. While the main party are enjoying the games in the Gamevan, we find the brothers & sisters are looking to get involved in anyway they can. And now they can, whether its Mario, Sonic, Fortnite etc our expert Baloon Makers & Face-Painters will be able to get them and the whole party living life as a real gaming charachter. What better present can you give the little ones?

Next Level Gaming will continue to explore new and innovative ways to bring the best expereiences to our customers and if you ever have any suggestions please do comment below 🙂  Remember the best gift you can give anyone is to make them smile

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