Gift Ideas For The Gamer In Your Life


Throughout the year we are always told that it’s difficult to get presents or do activities for their kid/friend/partner etc and that’s why the Next Level Gaming Van has become so popular. But instead of going on about how great our services etc are and with the time of year it is, we decided to do a Top 5 gift idea’s for that gamer in your life and hopefully help out any struggling parents, etc with some great gaming gifts. Please note these are subjective and in no particular order. If you do have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us


Ireland's Best Gaming Van Top 5 Gift Ideas

Tech Will Save Us, Gamer Kit

This was one of our top picks when looking at unique ideas for that gamer in your life. The ‘Gamer Kit’ is geared towards the younger generation (but to be honest I know plenty of adults, myself included who would love one of these). It’s an educational yet fun way to get your kid into coding, which is one of the most valuable skills you can have these days. You use their free online coding platform to code old classic games to learn the tools you need and then it helps you create your own game which you can then keep and play. This is available on Amazon at a reasonable price tag of €80. Buy Now On Amazon


Ireland's Number 1 Gaming Van Top 6 Christmas Gift Ideas


Oculus Quest VR Headset
Now, this one is definitely up there on the pricey side of things but believe me now, it’s worth it. Coming in two main versions (64Gb & 128GB), the former will set you back from €399 while the latter will set you back €499. VR has come leaps and bounds in the past few years and the Oculus is a star performer. It’s small (which is a bonus) and can easily be played in your living room. Its library of games is increasing and hopefully, the new Half-Life will be an addition in the next few years (if not sooner). Cnet does a great review on the headset if you’re looking for more info –
Ireland's Number 1 Gaming Van Top 6 Christmas Gift Ideas
Sega Mega Drive Mini
This is a personal favourite of ours. As long-term Sega fans, with memories brewing from our childhoods (Check out our blog post for some back story there), we can remember the hours and hours playing Sonic, Streets of Rage, Road Rash, and so many more with friends and families alike. Many companies have tried to re-create their versions of a mini console in the past with hit and miss results. But this time Sega themselves are behind this and ‘Oh My God’ is amazing, the interface, the controllers, the games, and everything in between are a work of art. This might sound a bit like a fanboy (and maybe some truth there) but we have tried the previous attempts and nothing stands up to this. Christmas morning playing Columns with your parents or kicking ass in Streets of Rage. Christmas is about memories and this is the cream of the crop in our opinion. Also, it will only set you back about €70.00 at the moment – Buy Now At Argos 
Ireland's Number 1 Gaming Van Top 6 Christmas Gift Ideas
PlayStation 4 Pro
We had to choose one of the big guns and there are several reasons why we went with the PS4 pro. We know the next gen is just around the corner but that is why it’s a perfect time to snag one of these beauties. The PS4 Pro is Sony’s premium hardware console boasting 4K HDR output to take advantage of that 4K TV you might have upgraded to over the past few years (If you haven’t, we wouldn’t really recommend this one). The PS4 Pro also upscales graphics on a number of older titles which gives you that more in-depth gaming experience. The main pull though is that you can get one of these for less than €300.00 and even less if you trade in your old PS4. Buy Now At Gamestop 
Ireland's Number 1 Gaming Van Top 6 Christmas Gift Ideas
Monopoly Fortnite Edition
Okay now, this might be a little controversial but this was something that really caught our eye. Fortnite is one of the largest games on the planet for the last two years with well over 200 million players worldwide. You would have to be living under a rock to not know or at least heard about Fortnite (for good or bad). Fortnite is most popular around the younger demographic which sometimes older folk (myself included) have a hard time connecting with and that’s why we think this is a perfect addition to your present line-up for the holiday season. Fortnite Monopoly appeals to gamers and parents, for parents, learn what Fortnite is and connect to your kids on a new level. For kids, experience a new idea around Fortnite and you can tell all your friends you beat your mum and dad in Fortnite. Either way, it’s something on Christmas evening or Christmas Day the whole family can enjoy. Also it’s only 30 🙂 Buy Now At Amazon 
Next Level Gaming Van Is The Best Gaming Van In Ireland
Next Level Gaming
Now I know this might be a little cheeky but it’s been a highlight of ours as we get requests constantly for Next Level Gaming merch and vouchers. Our website covers it all, from handmade gaming merchandise to Gaming Van vouchers that can be used across the website. The vouchers are a perfect way to give that something different and something special to that gamer in your life. Catering for Birthdays, Weddings, Stags & Hens, BYOB, and everything in between. Our most popular product and so much so that we only have a few left for Christmas already. Check out the reviews on our socials and website and they can tell you all 🙂 Check out our Birthday Section for highlights of Novembers activities – –

A few worth mentions – Mini Arcade Rentals, Google Stadia, Nintendo Switch Lite, Sega Catridge Soap, N64 Anthology, Couchmaster Gaming Lapboard, Super Mario Thwomp Cushion



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