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Next Level Gaming is proud to be one of the leaders in the field of Gamevans in Ireland but we do get a lot of questions around what is a Gamevan and is it safe. The answer is yes and before you quickly switch away let me explain the reasons why and the reasons why some people might think otherwise. I of course have a subjective view on this but I will try and keep it as unbiased as possible.

You may ask while your reading this, who am I and who am I to be giving this opinion. Myself and my partner has been working in the gaming space for 5 years from events, to Gamevans to Gaming Cafes and everything in between. We are avid gamers are whole lives and we often give educational and informational talks on gaming around the country. In no way am I saying I have all the answers but I hope the above gives a bit of credence to the below.

In basic terms a Gamevan is a mobile vehicle (usually a Mercedes Sprinter or Bus). The back of the van is then retrofitted to contain a number of screens, a sitting area and several home consoles (This can vary from van to van). The Gamevan is fitted in such a way that all electronics are safely hidden away behind a protective area so to keep it as safe as possible.

That’s the crux of it but a Gamevan is so much more, from the people running it to the safety precautions that are put in place (once again this varies from business to business and for the rest of this blog I’ll just take that as a given moving forward). 

The Gaming industry as a whole is moving at such an incredible pace that sometimes it can be scary especially when you hear of ‘bad actors’ online or gaming is bad for your health. I’ll try and tackle both of these separately below.

Bad Actors is a term we use to talk about the online abusers or the keyboard warriors. Gaming is now an online social platform and with that comes risks especially with younger age kids. One of the fears (and well founded) is that when someone hires us it will give their kids access to the internet and potential abuse online. We are very proud to say that in fact in our Gamevans, this is not an issue and something we would never allow. We monitor the kids constantly throughout the event and we have all our systems blocked from going online. The party can only play and connect with each other. Basically a LAN event.

Gaming is bad for your health! This is something that we hear a lot and I can comfortably say this just isn’t true (within reason). Gaming has been around in its current form for over 40 years and are programmed as puzzle solvers, that’s the basis of all games! Whether you’re building something in Minecraft or running into battle in Call of Duty, at its core, its puzzle solving. There have been studies done on gaming over the years and their becoming more prevalent and nearly all of these studies have found that gaming not only increases your awareness but your hand-eye coordination, muscle memory, mental aptitude, problem solving skills and more. The best example of this, was a parent recently said to me, my 8 year old knows how to build, run and operate a business more than I do because he plays Minecraft. Of course as everything should be, gaming of any kind should be done in moderation and it’s up to us as adults to make sure we do the best for our kids.

I know gaming can be scary and the technology around gaming can be scary but we can learn so much from what gaming has to offer (That will be my next Blog). The Next Level Gamevan is built with all the above in mind and safety is our primary concern, then followed by fun of course. 

The gaming space is vast and with that – ‘A sword wields no strength unless the hand that holds it has courage’ – Zelda: Twilight Princess

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